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Privacy Policy
Last updated: April 2023
Welcome to
This website (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) is owned by RARE Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”, “WE11DONE”, “We”, or “Us”). WE11DONE respects the privacy rights of all visitors, users and/or customers of the Site (hereinafter the “User(s)” or “You”), and is committed to protecting your personal information. This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as this “Privacy Policy” or “Policy”) will inform you as to how we collect, store, use, disclose, destroy or otherwise proceed your personal information when you visit and/or use our Site (regardless of where you visit this Site from) and tell you about your privacy rights. In the event that we revise this Privacy Policy, we will notify you through the Site or individual announcement.
This Privacy Policy is provided in a layered format so you can click through to the specific areas set out below.
1. Information to be collected and method of collection
(1) Personal information items to be collected
Personal information items to be collected by the Company are as follows:
i. Information provided by the Users
The Company may collect the information directly provided by the Users.
Title of service Items to be collected
Membership Registration [Required] Name, E-mail address, ID, password
Provision of services or products [Required] order number, information of ordering and/or receiving person (name, e-mail address, phone number, address)
Customer services (inquiry and/or return of the products) [Required] Name, E-mail address, order number, details of the inquiry (purchase and payment records)
[Optional] phone number
Checkauthenticity service [Required] E-mail address, CLG Code, Purchase information(store information), Access channel, IP address, Access area
Marketing and advertising [Optional] Name, E-mail address
※ Any personal information necessary for payment and refund of WE11DONE products is collected and processed directly by our payment agency (PG), and we only receive payment results from the payment agency.
ii. Information collected while the Users visit and/or use the Site
Besides of information directly provided by the Users, the Company may collect information in the course that the Users visit and/or use the Site.
Lists Items to be collected
Log information IP address, cookies, log data, use time, purchase and payment records, access suspension records
(2) Method of collection
The Company collects the information of Users through the Page, telephone calling, e-mailing, tools and cookies for collection of created information.
2. Use of collected information
The Company uses the collected information of Users for the following purposes:
i. Member management and identification
ii. To detect and deter unauthorized or fraudulent use of or abuse of the service
iii. Performance of contract, service fee payment and service fee settlement regarding provision of services demanded by the users
iv. To provide customer service and other services to you
v. Improvement of existing services and development of new services
vi. To make statistics on member’s service usage, to provide services and place advertisements based on statistical characteristics
vii. To provide information on promotional events as well as opportunity to participate
viii. To comply with applicable laws or legal obligation (including any requests by government)
ix. To use of information with prior consent of the users (for example, utilization of marketing advertisement)
The Company agrees that it will obtain a consent from the Users, if the Company desires to use the information other than those expressly stated in this Policy.
3. Disclosure of collected information
Except for the following cases, the Company will not disclose personal information with a third party:
i. When the Company's affiliates, partners, agencies and service providers carry out services such as bill payment, execution of orders, products delivery, communication (sending messages, etc.) and dispute resolution (including disputes on payment and delivery) for and on behalf of the Company
ii. when the User gives prior consent for sharing his or her personal information
iii. if required to be disclosed by the applicable laws and regulations
iv. if required to be disclosed by the investigative agencies for detecting crimes in accordance with the procedure and method as prescribed in the laws and regulations
4. User’s Rights
The Users or their legal representatives, as main agents of the information, may exercise the following rights regarding the collection, use and sharing of personal information by the Company:
i. The right to access to personal information
The Users or their legal representatives may access the information and check the records of the collection, use and sharing of the information under the applicable law.
ii. The right to rectification
The Users or their legal representatives may request to correct inaccurate or incomplete information.
iii. The right to erasure
The Users or their legal representatives may request the deletion of the information after the achievement of their purpose and the withdrawal of their consent.
iv. The right to restriction of processing
The Users or their legal representatives may make temporary suspension of treatment of personal information in case of the disputes over the accuracy of information and the legality of information treatment, or if necessary to retain the information.
v. The right to data portability
The Users or their legal representatives may request to provide or transfer the information.
vi. The right to object
The Users or their legal representatives may suspend the treatment of personal information if the information is used for the purpose of direct marketing, reasonable interests, the exercise of official duties and authority, and research and statistics.
vii. The right to automated individual decision-making, including profiling
The Users or their legal representatives may request to cease the automated treatment of personal information, including profiling, which has critical impact or cause legal effect on them.
If, in order to exercise the above rights, you may use the menu of “Customer Care” of the Site or contact the Company by sending an e-mail (see the details stated hereunder), the Company will take measures without delay and give a notice about the results of such measures to the User, provided that the Company may reject the request of you only to the extent that there exists either proper cause as prescribed in the laws or equivalent cause.
5. Security
The Company regard the security of personal information of uses as very important. The company constructs the following security measures to protect the Users' personal information from any unauthorized access, release, use or modification:
i. Encryption of personal information
ii. Transmit Users' personal information by using encrypted communication zone
iii. Store important information such as passwords after encrypting it
iv. Counter measures against hacking
v. Install a system in the zone the external access to which is controlled so as to prevent leakage or damage of Users' personal information by hacking or computer virus
vi. Establish and execute internal management plan
vii. Install and operate access control system
viii. Take measures to prevent forging or alteration of access record
6. Procedure and method for destroying personal information
In principle, as soon as the purpose for the collection of personal information has been achieved, the applicable information shall be destroyed without delay. The procedures, deadlines, and methods are specified in detail below:
i. Procedure for disposal
Information inputted is transferred to the separate database (separate documents for paper) once the purpose has been achieved. According to the protection of information pursuant to the Company’s internal policies and related laws (specially “Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce” and “Protection of Communications Secrets Act” of the Republic of Korea), it shall be stored for a certain period or disposed without delay.
ii. Deadline for disposal
Once the retention period of user’s personal information has been elapsed or if it is no longer in need due to achievement of goal, revocation of certain service, or business closure, etc. then it shall be disposed within 5 days from the last date of possession.
iii. Method of disposal
The personal information in the form of electronic files shall be deleted in a way that it cannot technically be recovered. For those printed on paper shall either be grinded or incinerated.
7. Protection of personal information of children
In principle, the Company does not collect any information from the children under sixteen (16) or equivalent minimum age as prescribed in the laws in relevant jurisdiction. The website, products and services of the Company are the ones to be provided to ordinary people, in principle. The website or application of the Company has function to do age limit so that children cannot use it and the Company does not intentionally collect any personal information from children through that function.

However, if the Company collects any personal information from children under sixteen (16) or equivalent minimum age as prescribed in the laws in relevant jurisdiction for the services for unavoidable reason, the Company will go through the additional procedure of the followings for protecting that personal information of children:
i. verify, to the extent that efforts are reasonably made, whether they are children of the age at which consent from their guardian is required and the consenting person is an authorized one.
ii. obtain consent from the parents or guardian of children to collect personal information of children or directly send the information of products and services of the Company
iii. give the parents or guardian of children a notice of Company's policy of privacy protection for children including the items, purpose and sharing of personal information collected
iv. grant to legal representatives of children a right to access to personal information of that children/correction or deletion of personal information/temporary suspension of treatment of personal information/ and request for withdrawal of their consent provided before
v. limit the amount of personal information exceeding those necessary for participation in online activities
8. Modification of Privacy Protection Policy
The Company has the right to amend or modify this Policy from time to time and, in such case, the Company will make a public notice of it through the Site (or through individual notice such as written document, fax or e-mail) and obtain consent from the Users if required by relevant laws.
9. Others
(1) Data transfer to other countries
Considering it engages in global businesses, the Company may provide the Users' personal information to the companies located in other countries for the purpose as expressly stated in this Policy. For the places where the personal information is transmitted, retained, or processed, the Company takes reasonable measures for protecting the personal information.
Country: Republic of Korea
Company name: RARE Inc.
Address: 727 Samsung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
(2) Third party's sites and services
The website, product or service of the Company may include the links to the ones of a third party and the privacy protection policy of the site of third party may be different. Thus, it is required for the Users to check additionally that policy of a third party’s site linked to the site of the Company.
(3) Person in charge of protecting personal information
The Company designates the following CPO (Chief Privacy Officer) to protect personal information of Users and deal with complaints from Users.
Position Name Department Contact number Email address
CPO Mo Kim General Director of Customer Service +82-02-549-5375
(4) Entrusted company list
Consignment of personal information processing in order to provide standard services to users, the company entrusts the following personal information processing-related tasks to an external professional company.
Vendor name Purpose
Eximbay Co., Ltd. Payment service
PayPal Inc. Payment service
DHL Express Delivery service
Sellmate Ltd. Inventory management service
Certilogo S.p.A. Certilogo Checkauthenticity service
When concluding a consignment contract, the company specifies in the contract documents the responsibilities such as prohibition of personal information processing other than for the purpose of performing entrusted tasks, technical and administrative protection measures, restrictions on re-entrustment, management and supervision of the trustee, and compensation for damages, etc. manages and supervises whether the company handles personal information safely. If the contents of the consigned work or the consignee is changed, we will notify the user through this personal information processing policy without delay and proceed with the consent process.
(5) Guide for Users residing in California
If the User resides in California, USA, certain rights may be given. The Company prepare preventive measures necessary for protecting personal information of members so that the Company can comply with online privacy protection laws of California.

In case of leakage of personal information, User may request the Company to check the leakage. In addition, all Users in the Website, can modify their information at any time by using the menu for changing information by connecting their personal account. Moreover, the Company does not trace the visitors of the Website nor use any signals for 'tracing prevent'. The Company will not collect and provide any personal identification information through ad services without consent of Users.
(6) Guide for Users residing in the Republic of Korea
The Company guides several additional matters to be disclosed as required by “Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection” and “Personal Information Protection Act” of the Republic of Korea.

You can see the details here: View Privacy Policy (Korean)

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